"My dream is always to be an “author”, because this job gives me unconditional joy, love and values.

An author is an artist who works according to his inspiration or to order. He is the creator of an idea, a novel, scenarios, plays,

essays, songs, lyrics, guides, a preexisting text, a reference, during a conference, a motif, documents, interviews, a child's story. 

And the subjects are endless. And an author can become a librarian by giving his work any credibility.

It is a lonely job that requires a lot of work, tenacity and perseverance. We write to know, to transmit, it helps to get closer,

to make people laugh, cried too. Writing is to speak, to see, to feel, to hear, to touch, and to remind us of memories. 

I am pleased to share with you my Emotions, my Souvenirs with my Writings." Sonia

Enzo Le Petit Aventurier/Enzo The Little Adventurer - Au ZOO/At the ZOO

Ecrit par/Written by Sonia Kermen

Illustré par/Illustrated by Kedsunee Volasanh

Traduit en anglais par/Translated into English by Bella G.

The story of Enzo, The Little Adventurer at the Zoo, is a book of nine different stories about animals, their lives, their values, their habits, and their customs told with simplicity and ease. 

Parents will enjoy teaching the values of each animal and will be supported with a proverb that ends each story.

This BILINGUAL book is educational and written in FRENCH and translated into ENGLISH.

For toddlers and elementary school children.

The author, Sonia Kermen,  wrote French and English/French and Spanish bilingual book 12 series “Les Aventures d´Enzo / The Adventures of Enzo”

in 2012 under the name Sonia Colasse available on Amazon.


  1. Le Premier Jour d’Enzo sous l’Oeil de Monsieur Taureau/Enzo’s First Day under the Eyes of Mr. Taurus

  2. La Visite des Jumeaux/The Twins come to Visit

  3. Une Journée avec Mademoiselle Cancer/A Day with Miss Crab

  4. Un Lion pas comme les Autres/A Different sort of Lion

  5. Enzo dans les Nuages/Enzo in the Clouds

  6. Enzo fait des Bêtises/Enzo does Something Wrong

  7. Enzo Adopte un Scorpion/Enzo Adopts a Scorpion

  8. Enzo s’ Ennuie/Enzo gets Bored

  9. Enzo et son Premier Noël/Enzo’s First Christmas

  10. Enzo et le Bonsai/Enzo and the Bonsai

  11. Enzo en pleine nature/Enzo in the wild

  12. Bébé Enzo et le bébé Agneau/Baby Enzo and the little lamb

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